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Friday, 29 March 2013

Broghil Valley National Park

Broghil valley is one of the beautiful valleys located in Khyber Pakhton Khawa near Afghanistan border. It is the northern valley of Chitral and the distance from main chitral valley is about 250 Km. the ethnic group of Broghil is Wakhi the local language is also named Wakhi. The ethnic group of Broghi came in to being with the joint of Tajik, Chinese, and Afghan ethnic groups. They came here for food, shelter, job and new home. 
Broghli valley enhances more than 30 lakes smaller and bigger all of them are natural and the water of lakes coming from glaciers and stones. There is Broghil pass is very important passage which connects    Afghan and Pakistan borders the impotent pass is called Darwaza which connects Aghan border from the north west. From the southeast direction the valley connected Yasin valley through Darkot pass. 
Tourist Attraction:
Broghil valley enhances many lakes and mountain attraction which are unique from all over the world although it is yet not explored by the international and local tourists. The valley consists of few species of animal and birds although which cannot be seen in ordinary way. The main attraction in Broghil valley is Karambar Lake.

Karambar Lake:
It is located between Khyber pakhton khawa and Gilgit Baltistan. There are no proper road towards this lake the lake is covered with mountain from all sides having green lush grass and flowers in it the water of lake is crystal clear and having trout fish in it.Karambar lake is the 31st highest lake in the world. There are no advanced facilities in Lake but you can manage adventurous tour like camping there. The local people around the lake leave there pets for feeding in summer and spring season.
Mountain Passes:
Broghil valley is a house of different connecting passes and tracks. The connecting tracks connects Broghil with Gilgit, Hunza , Pamir, Wakhan corridor, and Tajikistan. It enhances the shorter track towards Wakhan. You can access Ishkoman valley through the Suktarabad glacier. The connection of Hunza valley and Broghil bears wonderful sceneries and high altitude which is one of the highest tracks in Broghil valley. The Darkot pass is famous for Yak riding and Yurting which is also one of the shortest ways to enter in Gilgit from Broghil. During the Russian invasion over Wakhan Mr. Rehman Qul migrated into Pakistan through this pass with thousands of animals and Kirgiz. Recently the route from Chianatar glacier to Immit Ishkoman is discovered by Italian Tourist group.
Wildlife in Broghil:
Baroghil Valley is homeland of ibex, wolves, snow leopards, white and brown bears, fox, rabbits, marmots and many more wild animals. The bird species are, hawks, eagles, falcons are found in the high mountains, while pheasants, partridges, hoopoes, larks, sparrows, quails, doves, swallow starlings, nightingales, crows and vultures.

How to Access:
Although the national park is difficult to access but the route to access it from International tourists is get direct flights to Islamabad after that they may get flights to Gilgit (domestic flights) from where you can hire transport the other route is Islamabad to Chalas to Hunza to Gilgit to Darkot Yasin valley to Chikar to Broghil pass.
The other famous spots to explore around Broghil are, Showrsheer, Lashkargaz, Swinj, Sohktarabad, Chittiboi Glacier, Virgoth, Mitrandas, and Gakuch.


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  2. Thank you so much for providing information about this park. Broghil National Parkis one of the beautiful park of pakistan .

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