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Friday, 29 March 2013

Red Fox | Vulpes

Red fox is also known as Vulpes it is present in Baluchistan, Maree, Azad Kashmir and Korakaram mountains. The red fox is different from other species of fox it is more progressive carnivore’s species among others with same physic. Red foxes would like to live in a social circle which is lead by two foxes that are also responsible of breading. 

Eating and Hunting:
Usually red fox targeted small species like, leporids, reptiles, game birds, invertebrates and young ungulates. Occasionally they can also eat fruits and vegetables. The young Fox is not responsible for hunting they can be feed by parents until and unless they are able to hunt. Red fox itself have threat from Wolf, leopard and Jackals.

Social behavior:
Every two breeding kin have their own territory on which they can't allow for non-breeding kin. It also kills smaller predators within their territory. The young pups are being cared by both parents equally one of them must stay with young pups 24/7. Usually they feed female Pups 8-10 months and male Pups for 6-8 month. During breeding young Pups entire family took stay for 8-10 months in same place. 

Habit and Distribution:
Red fox is commonly closer to the human civilization it does not matters how far the humans are living. It is found in both plain and mountain area. Usually red fox like to live at mountains it is cool mind species, it would not attack on humans and other species without any reason but the only smaller one for feed. Naturally it habitats are dry, landscape, and abundant edge of woodland and scrubs.

In 2000 one of the team from National Geography came to research the Fox species in Pakistan first they took stay in Baluchistan after that they hear that the forest of Margalla hills, Maree and Kashmir bears lot of species finally they took flights to Islamabad where they research that there is no threat for this species. The area where Fox found has large population of it. They can live near humans place and came down to the forest of Islamabad and Margalla hills forest in winter due to snow fall. Some time it also hunts fishes from gulch due to shortage of food during winter season. Thus Red fox is safer and unique species in Pakistan.

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