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Monday, 18 March 2013

Siberian Duck

Siberian duck is known as common eider type of sea-duck. Home of this bird is North coast of Europe, Eastern Siberia and North America. Its body is about 50-71 cm and it can fly up to 113 Km per hour. It builds nest close to the water. There are four species of duck in which common eider are both the larger and the smaller. The smaller bird is about 20-28 cm and its weight is 0.8 to 0.3 kg. It is characterized as bulky shape and large, wedge shaped bill. The male's outlook is black and white plumage and green shining neck. The female is a brown bird, but might be distinguished from all ducks, except other eider species, on the basis of size and head shape.

Social Behavior:
Sea ducks are colonial breeders. They would like to nest near water in colonies of these birds the number of birds are less than 100 to upwards of 10,000-15,000. Female eiders frequently exhibit a high degree of temperature where they return to breed on the same island. This behavior can allow many individuals nesting on the same island, as well as the production of baby birds based on how much female social structures is strong. This heritage has likely played a role in the creation of co-operative breeding behavior among eiders species. Examples of these behaviors include laying eggs in the nests of related individuals, where female eiders team up and share the work of rearing ducklings.
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Migration and Travel:
Common Eider does not stays throughout the year in one place as the coastal ice land of Siberia and North America become more coldest to survive they start migration to the comparatively warm areas. The temperature of Common Eider home's fell to -20 to - 30 so, they must take step of migration. It is nature of Siberian duck that they live in social community and travel in group as well. Mostly group of birds like to travel in night to the next morning in day they took rest. Every group has one leader which leads the way and other have to follow him. They fly in "V" shape the leader and others fly on right and left equally. They start migrating in December and returns on March and April mostly birds migrate to India, Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan. on which 70,000 to 80,000 birds took flights to Pakistan, 1,50,000 towards India and more than 2,00,000 towards Afghanistan.

Common Eider in Pakistan:
The birds migrated towards Pakistan took flights to Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab and KPK further there are many destinations where they pass winter for warm weather and food. The place they chose in Pakistan is warm in winter for them which is equal to the weather of summer in Siberia and North America. Those birds took flights to Kainjar Lake in Sindh, Hanna Lake in Baluchistan, Tarbela Dam in KPK, and many small places of Punjab. Some birds took flights to Islamabad in Rawal dam, Simli dam, and Mangladam.

Hunting of Birds in Pakistan:
For the hunting of common eider in Pakistan there are not very tight rules the places for hunting in Tarbela dam, Rawal dam, Hanna Lake, River Sindh and Simly dam. The hunting in rawal dam and simly dam is accessible by getting flights to Islamabad from out of country and other cities. For hunting in Baluchistan you have to take flights to Quetta in Hanna Lake, for hunting common eider in Kainjar Lake get flights to Karachi and for Tarbela dam flights to Peshawar and Islamabad both are suitable. Hunting of those birds are not legal but by getting permission from government. The months for hunting are December, January, February, and March after that this common eider may fly back.


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