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Monday, 18 March 2013

Markhor | Big Goat

Markhor is a mountainous goat found in ranges of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Kashmir. The name "Markhor" meaning "Mar" means Snake and "Khor" eating so, the combination of these two words give the meaning of Snake eater "Markhor" these are the Persian words. There are further sub species of Markhor like, Capra falconeri falconeri, Capra falconer jerdoni, Capra falconer cashmiriensis, Capra falconer megaceros, and Capra falconer heptneri. Its height is 65 to 110 cm long from toes to shoulders with weight of 40 to 110 kg. Ordinary the weight and height of female is less as compare to the male. Markhor have corkscrew 60 inches for male and 10 inches for female. 

 Markhor is one of the rare and special species of Caprinae family but unfortunately it is being hunted and still on target by the hunters. And the thing is not local people are hunter of Markhor but the strangers do hunting this specie. Markhor are also threatened by the snow leopards and wolves which also causes shortage of this specie in the earth. How can we save this rare wildlife in the earth? by distribution of species in less danger area where the other wild such that leopard and wolves are not present. By clearing the territory from the enemy animals of Markhor we can save the species of Markhor in this earth.
wild life is pakistan

Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan you can found it in Gilgit Baltistan, Kahsmir and Astor the further home land of these species are Chitral, Hunza regions, and Ghizar. Markhor loves to live at height so you can found it at the height of 1,500 to 11,000 feet. It normally eats grass and shrubs male and female both can stand on two legs to reach higher leaf. Usually females like to live in group but male of these species like to live alone. There are 2500-3000 species left in Pakistan due to threatened of human and other animals.
wild life in pakistan

If you look as whole you found Markhor in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Jummu Kashmir. The Uzbek Markhor is found in Bukhara which is called Bukharan Markhor or Capra falconer heptneri. The Tajik markhor, belongs to Capra falconeri heptneri family is found in Shuroobod and in the Darvaz ranges of Tajikistan. In Afghanistan Markhor is founded in Kabul mountain ranges the species of Kabul and Bukhara are same with each other. Due to heavy bombardment and war in Afghanistan many species dies and remaining migrated to the Uzbek and Northern area of Pakistan.

 To explore the great species in Pakistan you have to take flights to Islamabad than further domestic flights to Gilgit where you can access the native home of Markhor, Chitral, Hunza, and Ghizar in jeeps although hunting in Pakistan is not very strictly banned but there is restrictions to hunt. To explore the Bukharan Markhor Uzbekistan Airways is a best option by which you can manage tour to Bukhara where you can also found historical places of Sufism and great Alexander. And you can also cover the distance through train if you want to explore Tajik Markhor.

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Markhor is one of the rare and beautiful species of the world so, take care of this precious before it would completely finished so, safe the natural environment and wild life to maintain the beauty of this earth.

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