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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Leopard | Snow Leopard

Leopards are the big cats belong to the cant families. Snow leopard in found in mountain ranges of central Asia. The snow leopard is generally known as Panthera uncia. It is found at the height of 10,990 to 22,000 feet from the sea level. Snow leopard loves to live in cold area his competitor are wolves who use to hunt in group some time leopard got disturbance while hunting. Snow leopard is bit smaller than big cats having weight 27 to 55 kilogram. In some special cases it is noticed that male leopard become 75 kg which is abnormal weight as ordinary leopard. The length from head to base of the tail is 30 to 50 inches in special cases it might be 50 to 60 inches but very rare. 

Due to cold weather species leopard have long thick fur which have smoky gray and yellowish colors. The snow leopard cannot roar as tiger and lion can, but the speed and quickness is more than any other species including lion and tiger. It has long tail which helps them to maintain the balance during travel in dangerous rocky areas. The snow leopard has flexible body like athleats and adjusts body temperature according to the weather. It has very strong jaws and claws to grip and bite the hunt.

The home of snow leopard is Iran and Turkmenistan’s mountain range but, it can be found in China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Russia, Tajikistan, Myanmar and Uzbekistan. If we talk about geographically it is present in, Hindu Kush in eastern Afghanistan, In Tibet it is found at Altyn Tagh in the north, the mountains to the west of Lake Baikal,  In Mongolia it is found in Gobi Altai and the Khangai Mountains, and the mountains of Pamir, Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kashmir, Kunlun. The species of different regions are bit different from each other by size and color.

Usually snow leopard loves to live in cold area so, in summer it moves to the height. Snow leopard found in mountainous meadows and in rocky regions at height of 8900 to 20000 feet. In winter due to shortage of food and water it came down into the forest at 3900 to 6600 feet high from the sea level. Snow leopard can easily travel in snow but usually he likes to walk in already made track by the other animals. Like other cats snow leopard does not allow other leopard to hunt and walk in his territory male leopard like to live alone.

Snow leopard only take meat meal by hunting before eat it sucks the blood of hunt from throat like other hunter species do. The hunted animals are Markhor, Argali, Hares, Birds, Himalayan Tahr, Bharal, Plus deer, wild boars, and languor monkeys. The young Yak is also in range of snow leopard. Snow leopard prefers ambush hunting although he has very fast speed equally on rock and snow.

For exploration of snow leopard it found in Khunjerab national park, Gilgit baltistan, and Chitral national park, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan by getting flights to Islamabad  you can manage flight to Gilgit or by road to access snow leopard ares. Gobi Gurvansaikhan national park, Mongolia to access this national park it is recommended to get flights to Ulan Bator after that you can further get domestic flights and buses. The other regions for snow leopard hunting are Qomolangma national nature preserve, Tibet, China, Hemis national park, in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

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